Mission, vision and core values

VIVE carries out research and analyses oriented towards practical applications, and disseminates the results. Our core values are impartiality, quality and usability.


VIVE’s mission is defined in our founding charter: it is to carry out, and to disseminate the findings from, research and analyses oriented towards practical applications and related to the development of the Danish welfare state, the life circumstances of the Danish population and the organisation of the Danish public sector. This work is to include the promotion of improvements in quality, better use of resources, and better governance. The role of VIVE is thus to contribute to improving the knowledge base for developing the welfare state and for making decisions regarding legislation and administration.


  • our production and dissemination of knowledge is always up-to-date and relevant, in order to benefit the development of the Danish welfare state
  • we are the preferred supplier of knowledge to support decision processes among public service decision-makers, private interest groups and the general public
  • we are Denmark’s strongest environment for applied research and analysis in the area of the welfare state, and a natural choice as a partner among domestic and overseas organisations.

Core values

The following are core values that characterise VIVE and all of VIVE’s activities. These are basic values on which VIVE will not compromise.


VIVE’s research and analysis work is impartial and founded on basic principles of research integrity. This applies both when we generate knowledge under contract to external parties and when we ourselves initiate research and analysis projects. This impartiality is a fundamental basis of our credibility. Impartiality is crucial in the choice of methods, in our analysis work and in the dissemination of our findings, and we protect our impartiality through a strong focus on a high level of professional integrity and transparency. All our analyses and research reports are published and made publicly available, and both the results and the methodological basis for the research are readily accessible.


We focus on ensuring the quality of the content of our projects, of our research and analysis processes, and of the dissemination of our findings. Our publications are based on strong methodological competence, solid knowledge drawn from practice, reference to existing knowledge in the relevant field and effective quality assurance. We draw upon the expertise of project partners, clients and other relevant experts in carrying out projects. It is a key factor for the quality of VIVE’s products that we regularly have work published in international academic journals. Our involvement in strong professional networks both in Denmark and internationally ensures that we continuously build upon existing knowledge and select the most up-to-date and relevant methods and theories for use in our research. One of our special strengths is the ability to create synergy between analysis and research projects. We place great importance on ethics, integrity, data security and transparency. We are professional and open in our project management and in our relationships with clients and other stakeholders.


VIVE’s research and analyses are intended to contribute to creating a better knowledge base related to the central challenges facing the welfare state, and to help to ensure higher standards and better use of resources in the public sector and the welfare state generally. We are required to produce knowledge that is relevant and addresses current issues, and consequently we build applicability into all our projects, from the early stages of idea development to the final dissemination of the results. We always consider how knowledge can be translated into practice, and how it can challenge existing practice. VIVE creates both knowledge that is immediately applicable in relation to current issues and knowledge that can contribute to resolving future challenges for the welfare state. We engage in continuous dialogue with our stakeholders and with society at large in order to ensure that our research is relevant and usable in practice. We strive to provide recommendations and inspiration for action on the basis of our research and analysis, and we select formats and channels of dissemination that suit the needs of the target groups concerned.